Our Services

Rêver specializes in graphic design, web design, advertising, brand identity and illustration, we offer the entire spectrum of graphic design services for print as well as for web. The purpose of graphic design is to communicate a message through type, colour, graphics and imagery. It is important to remember that any form of communication produced with your brand is a reflection of your brand. The goal at Rêver is to continually create imaginative graphic design with purpose. In this fast-paced socially linked world, your brand tells people who you are in just a handful of seconds. To potential customers, you are your image. Understanding this we endeavour to capture the essence of your entire business and condense it into recognisable elements that are yours. Our top goal is to help you succeed in making a positive and lasting impression on your clients and your customers.


Logo Creation

Brand identity / Mood Board

Brand/Style Guide development

Branding Stationery

Rebranding/brand revision


Business card/stationery design

Packaging/label design



Marketing Material/FLyers


Website Design & Development

Mobile & Responsive Design

Domain and Hosting Registration

Branding consultation


Fine Art


Tattoo Design

Works on Paper

Commissions for Private


" Vision is the art of seeing the invisible"

Jonathon Swift

Process and Terms



Designing isn’t hard. Designing well is. It is about research, science and art. No doubt someone somewhere is cheaper. But how much is the image of your business worth? I never encourage someone to spend more than what is in their budget but I do encourage that you trust the quality, competence and experience of your designer before starting on your project.


Rever charges an hourly rate of $55. If you require an estimate, your estimate will be based on an approximation of hours spent for a high-quality job, but the amount you spend can be up to you. I am happy to tailor a project to meet a budget. The resulting project will still be well designed, but often simpler and less eye-catching than a project based on the recommended estimate or hourly charge.

For projects estimated over $300, a 50% deposit may be required.


IMAGES - Photography editing, and/or sourcing, if necessary, is an additional charge at the standard hourly rate. Photos for publications need to be supplied by the client at print resolution 300dpi, at an appropriate size to print, preferably in .tiff or .eps format. Note that most photos/logos taken from the web are only ¼ the size needed for print and may infringe on copyright. Logos for print projects are ideally provided by the client as a vector-based .eps or a very high resolution image file. If you have any questions about images, please feel free to ask.

PRINTING - For standard print jobs, Rever uses a trusted, high quality printer based on the Sunshine Coast with competitive prices and proven quality. A surcharge may apply for using other printers (due to extra time taken with new specs, quotes, templates, pre-press differences).